CoolFlow DCM

CoolFlow is a truly maintenance-free, Free Air Cooling System. With a patented filtration media, CoolFlow delivers true ‘fit and forget’ cooling for almost any climate worldwide.

Commissioned in countries around the world, CoolFlow DCM has a proven track record of delivering energy efficient cooling whatever the climate.

CoolFlow DCM is guaranteed to reduce carbon emissions vs traditional air-conditioning and deliver energy spend savings up to 95%*
Designed to deliver maximum performance in all conditions and working to a Delta T of 10 degrees, CoolFlow DCM provides cabin cooling in even the harshest of climates. The 10kW system is available in both AC and DC formats as required.

• Delivering site energy savings of up to 30%
• Delivering up to 95% electricity costs vs traditional cooling
• Extends the life of current cooling assets
• Ability to control existing cooling assets, reducing alarms and maintenance
• Integrates with 3rd party systems to control existing cooling assets.

Primary and Secondary Cooling

In the most critical of environments, where downtime is not an option, Passcool has the solution;

1) Run CoolFlow DCM or CoolFlow DUO as the primary cooling source.
2) Connect the existing air-conditioning system to the CoolFlow via Smart Box.

This allows the secondary cooling source (air-con) to kick in when the external ambient temperatures are too high for free-air cooling to ensure the internal ambient temperature within the building can be maintained below the maximum temperature threshold of the equipment.

Passcool DataSheet – CoolFlow DCM