SMARTbox S1 & S2

Pre-installed with SMARTset industrial IoT energy management software the SMARTbox is a. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) designed for industrial applications and automation systems. It provides local and remote control and monitoring of connected systems and devices over standard Input / Output and other interfaces.

Analytics for HVAC, energy management, data centres, manufacturing and industry.
An intelligent appliance designed to collect, aggregate and push data to a central SMARTset server hosted locally or in the Cloud. SMARTbox bridges both legacy systems and IoT devices to the internet as part of a Digital Transformation strategy that delivers business insights by analysing the real-time, data in your machines and equipment. SMARTset provides SCADA type logic control through each SMARTbox to enable AI and Machine Learning innovation and automation of connected HVAC units.

Visibility, Control and Analytics in a single box.
The I/O and Relay architecture of the S2 provides connectivity for collecting data and for automation tasks requiring the control and regulation of external devices such as cooling units, pumps and chillers It can reliably run 24×7 with long life at extended temperatures with connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, optional 3G LTE , or Gbit Ethernet, With 24 digital/analogue I/O ports,4 relays, 4 serial and 2 USB ports the SMARTbox is designed to connect to legacy as well as IoT targets.

SMARTbox S1 datasheet

SMARTbox S2 datasheet