SMARTset is a state of the art energy management software platform for technical facilities.
– Enterprise focused.
– Real-time data from any sensor, equipment or system.
– Remote control and alarm systems.
– Analyse and aggregate.
– Integrates with 3rd party systems to control existing cooling assets.

SMARTset Monitoring Software

SMARTset is a state of the art Internet of Things platform that provides operational managers with the tools to connect to any equipment, sensor or element of their built environment. It can analyse the data to provide real-time insights and control and adapt the climate controls to optimise conditions for the equipment.
SMARTset via the SMARTbox hardware, provides the customer with:
• Real-time data sets for analysis and monitoring
• Bespoke dashboard controls
• Real-time controls to adjust settings based on cooling requirements

Used by organisations of all sizes including: BT, Experian, Oxford University and Virgin Media SMARTset provides a single pane of glass to monitor and control estate wide infrastructure such as Data Centre’s, Communications Rooms, Street Cabinets, HVAC and Plant Rooms, Smart Buildings, Industrial Fridges and Freezers or as a part of a Demand Side Response initiative.

 SMARTset DataSheet